What makes Cosplay Special

Halloween for non-nerds is the only time of year they get to come as they aren’t.  Nerds have collectively stated that we all love to dress up and would like to do it as often as possible.  Most of the time at conventions the costumes are more elaborate than at Halloween.  Whenever I think about Halloween I think of the scene in Mean Girls where Cady went to the party and the girls are all in animals because they had on ears and tales where as Cady went all out on a less than sexy outfit. However, in no way am I saying that nerd costumes aren’t sexy.  I want to remove all booth babes and models from the conversation of cosplay just because they are being paid to dress-up in costume so any connection to the character isn’t necessarily there, not that it can’t be but I’ve run into more of them that don’t know who they’re dressed as than love the character.

Cosplay comes all time of year.  There is no limit to when or how many times a costume can and should be worn.  Some of the best costumes can have bits and pieces incorporated into a normal wardrobe.  A shirt that can be worn to the grocery store or a funky belt that looks great with a going out dress.  Yeah a costume bought from a store is easy but then it’s 40 bucks you’ll only wear once or twice, a costume made is something that can have more uses than just the first intended one.


Cosplay also is about the character you’re playing as much as the outfit that you’re wearing.  People like to pretend, that’s why we all love movies and TV shows.  We like to escape.  When kids pretend no one thinks twice about it but if you’re over the age of 10 and call a friend to come over and want to play princesses or super heroes the other person probably isn’t going to go for it, cosplay is the chance to play pretend and get to think “Today, I am a Super Hero.  Today I can fly, or talk to animals, or have telekinesis.”  And all of that is pretty cool.  We don’t need to do it every day but every once in a while I like to pretend that I can fly.

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