Regency Fashion

I sometimes feel as if I was born out of time.  I think I should have been born in the late 18th century so I could come of age at the very end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries.  I love the empire waste and long dresses.  The idea of going to a ball and how dances were so choreographed.  Books and movies have really made it look so wonderful.  When I get a history book or a biography I love flipping to the colored pages in the middle and looking at all of the dresses that women wore at the time.  Poor, rich, middle class (when it existed) I love them all.  Ribbon shops are such an amazing concept.  Women would go to get ribbon and add it to their dresses and it would become an entirely new dress.  They wouldn’t have to get a new dress to go to an event, just make it different.  How many times today have we all had to go get something new just because the people we’re going to see have seen this outfit before?  Change it, don’t start over.  It was more realistic to reuse what you already have.  I’m not a big fan of clothes shopping so when I find something that fits me well and won’t go out of style quickly I am that person that buys two.  Jeans are the perfect example of something that this  philosophy works for.  I know it’s been done but when I ware out my jeans I patch them 3 times.  There does come a point when patching patches becomes crazy, but when I do the first patch I then distress part of the jean to make it look like a new pair of pants.  It gives it a new look and adds something to my wardrobe as they being to die.  That will be the point when I start to look for a new pair.  Then every few pairs I save the legs so I have fabric to use as the patches because I only wear dark jeans I know that it’ll match when the time comes.  There is nothing wrong with buying new when something starts to get old but why give up before you have to?

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