Star Trek “Controversy”

In the new Star Trek movie there’s a scene where Carol Marcus is changing and Kirk takes a peak.  When I saw it, the scene reminded me of the time on The Big Bang Theory where Penny slipped and fell.  She was naked in the bathtub and needed Sheldon to help her.  Penny tells Sheldon not to look but he peaks.  As he says later, “The hero always peaks.”  And Penny was completely naked.  Carol was in her underwear, and it covered a lot too.


Is this any worse than the beach?

Is this any worse than the beach?

Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 3 is burning and shockingly her shirt is going.  However her bra remains completely unharmed.  In The Avengers she is walking around in super short shorts, and she totally has the legs to pull that off.

There is nothing wrong with that but for two movies with almost completely overlapping audiences I feel like you know what you’re getting into.  The target audience is male.  in general, men enjoy seeing women scantily clad.  And both of these women looked gorgeous.  So, if they are ok with stripping down to their underwear for the movie, who cares.

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