Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dancing with the Stars

I am not a Dancing with the Stars fan.  I am a HUGE Bill Nye the Science Guy fan.  When I  was 4 years old (1994) I wrote him a letter, he wrote a post card back and it’s still a crowning moment of my life.  I am still a PBS kid, so any opportunity that I can get to watch him on TV I’ll take.  Usually it is reruns of Bill Nye The Science Guy or on YouTube but hey new stuff is cool too.  So I have picked up this show, well, until he’s eliminated.  From what I’ve seen these judges, I think, are better than the So You Think You Can Dance judges which make a concerted effort to pick the winners from the audition week, and then manipulate the audience into picking the predetermined winners.  Bill Nye is coming off as the crowd favorite, however his dancing does leave a great deal to be desired.  But I think all nerds can agree that it is so amazing to see him on TV again.



I have to say I’m not a huge fan of her first of Tyne’s first outfit.  But that I’m sure is in the tradition of the dace.  The second purple one, I think, is pretty gorgeous.  So it all evens out in the end.

One thought on “Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dancing with the Stars

  1. Reblogged this on dreampunk geek and commented:
    Oh goodness. This just makes me all kinds of happy. I had no idea Bill Nye was on Dancing with the Stars. Even though he can’t dance too well, the performances are great fun to watch because he tells a story with each one.

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