Inspiration Summer Camp

When I was a kid summer camp meant friendship bracelets, we would wear them practically half way up our arms.  We didn’t even give them away all the time, and the girl you would bestow your freshly made trophy, well, she better be excited to receive it.  A few months ago i wrapped my work headphones like a friendship bracelet because it looked really cute on Pintrest, and it was really cute in real life as well.  Definitely not a disappointment.  I got compliments on them all the time and for me it was a great way to kill some time while I rode public transportation to and from work.  When I that I bought a giant pack of thread since it was cheaper than buying the colors individually.  I was watching X-Men at home this weekend and grabbed the thread, halfway though the movie I already made 2 fishtail braid bracelets and I couldn’t stop there. I’m hooked like a 10 year old.


The zigzag wasn’t made during X-Men, it took a little longer.   I’ve got 5 on right now, but it’s so not enough.  I have to have more, I’m like an addict, probably because it’s really mindless, unlike sewing which you really have to pay attention to, or crochet where you have to count.   There are some super nerdy designs online for these bracelets which I’m pretty excited to try next.

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