Disney Mashup Part 2


The princesses in the fashion of the year they debuted.


There have been even more awesome Disney Mashups in the last few months and I just wanted to share them with you.

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Wonder Woman is Tricky?

Earlier this week I was reading an interesting post by Gail Simone, my favorite comic book writer, on her tumblr talking about how Wonder Woman might not be as tricky as those with power keep saying she is, but it is more a matter of perspective.  For my generation we think of the DC animated Universe first.  All the time.  Every time.

But why does it have to be a Wonder Woman movie that we all keep talking about when they talk about a super hero movie with a female lead.  Wonder Woman isn’t my favorite, but she is the first female superhero to come to mind that is not defined by a man in some way, Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, Batgirl is Batman’s protégée, Black Canary is Green Arrow’s girlfriend/wife, Batwoman is weirdly connected yet not connected, Wasp is married to Antman, Star Sapphire(Carol Farris) is married to Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Rouge, and so many more, are students of Prof. X’s.  The list goes on and on like this.  I have so many mixed feeling on that part of the issue.  Most of my favorite superheroes are on this list.  For how oversaturated the market is with superheroes, we may have 5 prime time network shows featuring the superhero universe on television as soon as the spring, there isn’t a single one of them with a woman as the main character.  I can only think of one genera show on TV right now that is lead by a female lead on network prime time right now and that’s Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time.

So my point is I want a female superhero TV show or Movie, and sooner rather than later.  However selfishly I want all of the movies to be directed by men so I can be the first woman to direct a superhero movie for a large studio.



Well, so much for that show

Bill Nye the Science Guy was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night.


Which just might have been the best thing for him. He suffered a torn tendon in his knee and the doctor did tell him not to dance. Or maybe it was decided that he shouldn’t be on the show anymore is this is how they were going to do it. So, I’m done with the show now, unless they decide to cast another icon from my childhood. Be warned fans of the Science Guy, this video is a little heart breaking.

My Little Pony Cosplayers

Lauren Faust is a genius.  Super Best Friends Forever was my absolute favorite DC Nation short.  I also love The Power Puff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.  But her biggest project right now is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.   The crazy things about it is that the people who are the most obvious fans of the show are adult men, the Bronies.  But hey, I’m in my twenties and if I ever come across an episode of Arthur that is it for the next half hour I will be watching it.  I was also in college when I got one of my books by Marc Brown Signed.  Everyone else in line was maybe 8.  So, good for Bronies.  I can’t say that My Little Pony is really my thing(I like the more biting attitude of her other shows more), but I really like all the ways people dress up as the Ponies.

The 6 Main Characters.  Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Shutter Fly, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkel.

The 6 Main Characters. Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Shutter Fly, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkel.

I think we could all do with some kids shows in our life.  So my understanding is that the basic things that make it a My Little Pony Cosplay is the right colored wig and ears.  It’s also best to wear the colors of the pony’s coat and if possible put the cutie mark somewhere on your body.  It’s also a Cosplay that you just can’t smile while wearing or be happy when you see it.

76ffc1039da9784e446efa31a7aeb2b1 302161__safe_rainbow-dash_pinkie-pie_fluttershy_applejack_photo_rule-63_cosplay_51716343a4c72d3235000690 6123509890_369e37bc3e_b brokenlynxpony1 DxVRe eaae0ba6bac1fe69a3bb6adce7830ce5 iMSEo ku-xlarge KYWdu mlp_cosplay_by_novyninja12-d54v0kl my_little_ponies_by_dacingflame10-d4v8rcm my_little_pony___friendship_is_magic___by_temi_cosplay-d5zkgum my_little_pony_cosplay_and_friends__by_outstarwalker-d5h7azb my_little_pony_cosplay_photoshoot_by_kit_kat_pattywack-d55lgyb my_little_pony_cosplay_team_by_calavera666-d512f3p team_my_little_pony_cosplay_by_vampireaylin-d589mo0 tumblr_m75whdMjPv1qig9ulo1_1280

Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy WaWahoooo

When I was in college all film majors at my school were required to take a visual aesthetics class.  We talked a lot about fine art, architecture,  and fashion among other topics.  The professor was explaining that no one wears literal interpretations on their clothes.  All I could think of that was Ms. Frizzle.  I am aware that she isn’t real, but her dresses were always perfect.  Although how she always wore pumps while exploring the inside of Arnold’s digestive track or finding out how to get out of a jar while tiny is probably the most impressive part.  We also discusses that no one wears prints.  Yet again, The Frizz.  Those are some loud prints.  However, that discussion was almost 2 years ago so the prints thing has really changed.   I think I would like to dress like Ms. Frizzle.  Maybe not those exact dresses but something close.  I think it’s the collars, I can’t pull that off.

item8.rendition.slideshowVertical.miss-frizzle-_0007_2-EvolutionSpiral-from The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge.jpg item0.rendition.slideshowVertical.miss-frizzle-_0011_1-Plumbing--from The Magic School Bus and the Science Fair Expedition.jpg imagesCAM0ZL5U images ideafriz frizscience_100w frizpoint cartoon-teacher-ms-frizzle 308602-scholastic-s-the-magic-school-bus-explores-the-ocean-windows 255655-magic-school-bus-in-concert-windows-screenshot-miss-frizzle tumblr_m89eqqvB6j1rne14vo1_400 tumblr_lpiky7jnWg1qhv363o1_500 msbmars ms%20frizzle%204.jpg Ms._Frizzle1 ms-frizzle ms_frizzle_1_6166 Ms Frizzle ms frizzle-1 MissFrizzle miss20frizzle magicschoolbus

Heroes of Cosplay

I’ve been watching Heroes of Cosplay and I so desperately want to fall in love with it.  It seems like a great premiss.  But I just can’t get into it.  I think for me the reason for me is that some of the characters take cosplay a little too seriously for me.  My cosplay philosophy is to have a really great time, just getting to play dress up is enough for me.  I get that for some people it isn’t, but no one should be told that they can’t do anything.  I get that I don’t look like my characters, maybe it’s that I fall into the category of some days I may just be kidding myself l don’t have the body for some of the characters that I do.  But I’m ok with that.  For me it’s more important to be a character that I am really into and getting to pretend to be that person for the day. Now that being said, I can’t stop watching it.  I really enjoy watching the cast fabricate their costumes and I have been inspired with some of what they did.  Also by the last episode I do admit that there was a redeeming scene.  When the two teams were sitting around and they had “group talk” it made me even more sure that I want to be Holly’s friend.  The cast talked about how cosplay is about supporting each other and not judging.  (over the course of the show they did show Yaya and Victoria flip-flopping on the issue of is it more important to look like the character or is it important to be having fun.)

However the scene’s integrity is a bit undermined by Monika putting on sunglasses, but I don’t know if that was something she did on her own or a producer asked her to. I did connect with the 5 women from LA more than the 3 from Atlanta.  I am acutely aware of how much a producer and editing team can influence what we all see on television (I am a reality television producer by day) and I have no reason to believe that they are not the nicest women in the world on the show, but they were not shown to be that way because reality tv loves to have a villain, and Monika made a great villain. To be able to get the scene where she is yelling at her mom is wonderful.

Overall one of the nice parts of the show was that the cast was genuine.  They all loved the things they dressed as and loved dressing up.  I found it to be educational, I figured out how to do some of the things I was having trouble with on my costumes.  Just for that fact alone I would watch the next season.  I would like a couple more guys added to the main cast, specifically ones that did armor pieces more often.  I really loved Jesse’s Assassin’s Creed outfit, but it would have been super awesome to see armor being made by people who know way more than me about what they are doing when it comes to fabrication.






Arrow is now in its second season, with a Flash show in the works on The CW, SHEILD started this week on ABC, a Commissioner Gordon show was just sold Tuesday to Fox.  The superhero show seems to be the newest hot genera show on broadcast TV right now.  Networks are scrambling for them asfast as writers can think them up.  And you know what that means?  More Cosplay options and more people interested in nerd subculture.


There has been such a boom in Black Canary and Green Arrow Cosplayers since Arrow came on the air.  And that is great.  They aren’t even on the show that way but it’s getting people into reading the comic books, and nothing could be better than that.


Part of me wants to reject this flood of nerdiness in mainstream popculture.  I want it all to be special and mine, but if other people like it then it does get to stay around,  and I need to remember that that is better.  I really want to be an inclusive nerd and not an exclusive snob.


So I am going to do my best to take the attitude of “YAY, more fun” and not “aw man, somebody else is playing with my toy”.



Fictional Tech guy Fashion

Has anyone notices that Agent Fitz on Marvel’s Agents of SHEILD is dressed an awful lot like the new Q from Skyfall?

skyfall-Q Leo_Fitz_Agents_of_SHIELD

tumblr_megbtkhZfI1rirhibo1_1280 landscape_xlarge

And these two a mashup of the scientists from Pacific Rim.

Charlie-Day-is-Dr.-Newt-Geiszler-in-Pacific-Rim-2013-Movie-Image Burn-Gorman-is-Dr.-Hermann-Gottlieb-in-Pacific-Rim-2013-Movie-Image

I like the look, but Q’s sweater and Fitz’s Sweater are awfully similar.  This whole tie and jeans things really reminds me of my college professors.  I hope this is a trend that lasts, well dressed nerdy men on TV and in the movies.  It’s nice to see instead of the poorly dressed nerdy men like in The Big Bang Theory.

Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dancing with the Stars

I am not a Dancing with the Stars fan.  I am a HUGE Bill Nye the Science Guy fan.  When I  was 4 years old (1994) I wrote him a letter, he wrote a post card back and it’s still a crowning moment of my life.  I am still a PBS kid, so any opportunity that I can get to watch him on TV I’ll take.  Usually it is reruns of Bill Nye The Science Guy or on YouTube but hey new stuff is cool too.  So I have picked up this show, well, until he’s eliminated.  From what I’ve seen these judges, I think, are better than the So You Think You Can Dance judges which make a concerted effort to pick the winners from the audition week, and then manipulate the audience into picking the predetermined winners.  Bill Nye is coming off as the crowd favorite, however his dancing does leave a great deal to be desired.  But I think all nerds can agree that it is so amazing to see him on TV again.



I have to say I’m not a huge fan of her first of Tyne’s first outfit.  But that I’m sure is in the tradition of the dace.  The second purple one, I think, is pretty gorgeous.  So it all evens out in the end.

Baltimore Comic Con Pictures

At BCC I went as Powergirl and my brother went as Death Stroke.  Here are some of the awesome cosplayers we saw there.  All of the people we met there were super friendly and the floor was one of my favorites.  My only real criticism was that there weren’t enough panels and even more importantly they weren’t strategically placed panels.  It may not have been the best plan to put artist panels against artist panels, and comic book industry panels against other comic book industry panels.  But the atmosphere was awesome, and for me that can be even more important.  Nice people attending and running these shows is the number 1 thing for me.  Making friends and having a great time can make up for the lack of somethings that I want.


TeenTitans vs. Death Stroke.
These kids came out of no where to attack my brother. That was so perfect. Everyone was in character. You can see the smiles on the titans’ faces.


Even The Avengers eventually start to age


I did my best to take as many pictures with as many Supergirls as I could. It just made me happy.


Someone lost their Blossom, I hope she found her Trainer.


These are some great XMen but to be honest I’m not sure which XMen they are.


Darth’s costume lit up and flashed. So much joy.


Wonder Woman and Black Canary. I like that they took their costumes from the Bombshell Toy Line.


There are so many costumes where I stop for a second and think people are doing Xena and Gabby that I get so excited when it really is Xena and Gabby


Link, a staple at every Con


This Kid is the GREATEST cosplayer alive. He was so excited to be the Doctor and couldn’t be more into everything he saw. Awesome job Doctor.


His mustache was drawn on pretty well, it took a few seconds to realize it was just marker.


T I found some more Supergirls, and Lobo.


I have to find Static Shock at every Convention, it isn’t really a convention without him.


Since this was the convention where everyone was talking about Batwoman it’s good to know she was already there taking care of herself.


Tron! I think it’s super awesome when people’s costumes light up.


There were a whole bunch of different Wonder Women at BCC, and they all came with a different cool way to play her


Raven started yelling at Death Stroke across the lobby. It was a magical moment.


I love her utility belt.


My favorite of all the Supergirls I found that weekend

IMG_20130907_130037 IMG_20130907_132505 IMG_20130907_133903 IMG_20130907_134914 IMG_20130907_140115 IMG_20130907_140140 IMG_20130907_141322 IMG_20130907_143349 IMG_20130907_144018 IMG_20130907_144050 IMG_20130907_155054 IMG_20130907_155823 IMG_20130907_160004 IMG_20130907_160709 IMG_20130907_161513 IMG_20130907_161835 IMG_20130907_171720 IMG_20130908_102920 IMG_20130908_115903 IMG_20130908_120727 IMG_20130908_121234 IMG_20130908_123223

Now this last picture is my personal favorite.  See I did something dumb, I forgot to take a picture of me and my brother together.  He just started college too, so I can’t just bug him at home to take a picture with me.  I searched far and wide, and I found this.


tumblr_msv6w8aish1s8qyumo8_1280  So, thanks Tumblr.