Lego Fashion

Legos are fun.  When I look in the box of legos, however my first thought is to make a house, and my second and third and fourth.  I always get stuck on houses when I play with Legos.  Not as much when they come from a kit but every other time it’s the same house.  Even trying to make it look pretty after a while becomes tedious and I put random pieces anywhere to make my house.  These however really inspire me to try and sculpt something outside of my box next time I pull out my box of Legos.


il_570xN.390993064_a2wy lego-brick-prosthetic-leg-designboom01 lego-dress-Rie-Hosokai-1 lego-prosthetic-leg_ccqzbj images Lego-wallet


My brother just got back from the World Championship for FIRST Robotics.  If you’ve ever seen a robotics competition then you’ve seen some crazy costumes.  There are at least 20 kids at any one time with a FEZ on, 5 girls with Dalek dresses, and hundreds of bow ties made out of duct tape, fabric, cardboard.  One kid will say to the other “Bow ties are cool.”  There, it’s almost a test, it’s more unusual for someone to get the reference than to not.  People are dressed as robots.  And everyone has an opinion on safety glasses styles.    Even the pets get dressed up.   197889_212787172069446_212786885402808_977987_3661_nimages-1UnknownLego_League_Mascot lizard-mascotmascots-dancing images