Being a nerd starts at an early age

I remember being about 4 years old and my dad took me to a Star Trek Convention.  A few weeks ago I went to a Star Trek Convention and there was a girl there about the same age as I was then and her parents were taking her to her second convention that weekend.  Little kids love to play dress up.  I know I had a box full of clothes that I could pretend to be anyone in as did many of my friends.  Dressing up as what you aren’t isn’t just fun for grown ups.  Kids love it too.




I don't know these kids, I just think it's one of the cutest cosplays ever.

IMG_20121014_162208 936212821_a9b19c882b_z 6b957d13f70496bc0c4b4568a57a8987-doctor-who-family-cosplay tumblr_mksmb7f4Hx1ra7zwfo1_500 neil-patrick-harris-halloween Geekcraft-baby fa1cdc56607528ad65b2d931543fda8b tin-tin-kid-cosplay-costume tumblr_mmfzcdBmdN1r9s8v0o1_500 cosplay-kids13

Disney Princesses

Merida is the newest Disney Princess, and there is talk of making Leia a Disney Princess as well (even if it’s all done in jest).  Now my first reaction was that sounds weird.  I’m personally not really thrilled with the make over they gave Merida.  I liked her frizzy red hair.  If I ever have a daughter she’s going to have frizzy hair and it’s not a stretch that she’s be a ginger too.  Leia will have to get some sort of make over too.  The iconic Leia with her side buns just can’t be her look.  Mostly because they’re dumb.  Just ask Carrie Fisher.

Merida Before and After

Merida Before and After


Then I started thinking about how almost ever Disney Princess kicks butt.  I know a lot of people who are trying to stop the princesses from being something that they’re kids are exposed to at a young age but everyone of them I liked saw something that they wanted and went for it their own way.

It’s not a great system.  I agree that they’re bodies are unrealistic as is Barbies but as someone who actually grew up playing with these toys I never thought I wanted to look like Barbie or Ariel or Jasmine.

Also these teenage girls do things because of a guy isn’t  really a great lesson.  Ariel was dumb giving up her voice to try and get a guy to kiss her.  But if you had told that to 5 year old me I would have thought you were crazy.  But at the same time two days of not talking would have been the worst thing in the world.  Mulan came out when I was 9 years old and I thought it was really cool that this girl saved all of China by being different.  I am more familiar with the ones that came out from about 93 and on. I haven’t even seen Sleeping Beauty.  But from the story she’s not my kind of princess.  As an adult in her early 20’s I like my princesses in pretty dresses kicking butt and not caring about what they are supposed to be doing.  In Tangled Rapunzel does everything her mother doesn’t want her to do.  But then again her mom was an evil witch so disobeying gets her home to her real family.  That might not be a great lesson but eh.  I can still tell you about the first time I went to the movies when I was 3 and saw Aladdin.

Also the princesses have great dresses.  I would love to wear Belle’s yellow dress or Cinderella’s Ball gown.


I really enjoy the conservative take on Slave Leia in this one


Princess Leia Disnified