Wizard World Costumes

Currently I’m working on costumes for my family for Wizard World Comic Con.  It’s our favorite convention of the year.  I’ve created all sorts of costumes for different events for them.  That Kid Flash from a couple of days ago, that’s my brother.  He LOVES The Flash.  Wally West to be exact.  Unfortunately as some of you may know, Wally doesn’t exist right now in the New 52 universe so he has to settle for Barry Allen with some of Wally West’s personality mixed in.  So we made the costume to look like Wally’s from the old days.

But every costume isn’t a direct take from a character.  Sometimes you can create your own spin on an idea.  I’m currently working on SteamPunk Star Trek.  Right now I’m in the building and buying phase.  I can’t wait to share the progress with you.


A sample of my inspiration.

Inspiration- Leg warmers

Not all nerd inspiration has to come from Comic Books and cosplay.  I like to take inspiration from

Black Swan

Natalie Portman in Black Swan rocking the leg warmers

I went to see it and fell in love with the the fashion.  It made me start taking ballet just so I had a reason to wear the clothes (it’s also good exercise but that’s besides the point).  But why be stuck only wearing leg warmers and boleros twice a week, why can’t I wear them whenever I want.  So I did.  And people have been stopping me ever since to tell me how much they like my leg warmers.  It’s pretty cool.  They aren’t that easy to find in stores, but if your craft I’ve been crocheting up pairs while watching tv and it works out to about a leg warmer a one hour show.  Try it out next time you feel like adding a little nerd to your every day wardrobe.