What a nerdy weekend

This saturday was not only May the 4th, or Star Wars Day, but it was also Free Comic Book day.  What a great day to be a nerd.  I, of course, had to dress for the occasion.  I wore my Darth Vader t-shirt and Star Wars skirt.  When I went to the comic book store, it was awesome seeing storm troopers everywhere.  I also got a graphic novel I’ve been looking for, for about a year and a half- FEAR ITSELF.  It’s been so hard to find it.  You can’t shake a stick in a comic book store without finding part of the story, the Captain America story or the Thor story, but finding the miniseries has been so hard.  I finally got it.  I’m super pumped.  And I got to find it while being all decked out in my nerd clothes.  I will be reading it later wearing my Marvel skirt, reading my Marvel story.  It’s perfect.

Although, the comic books for free comic book day this year weren’t as good as they have been the past couple of years, oh well.  You win some, you lose some.

Anyone else have a good free comic book day?


fcbd-2013-a-sample-of-books-available may-the-fourth-yoda