Wonder Woman is Tricky?

Earlier this week I was reading an interesting post by Gail Simone, my favorite comic book writer, on her tumblr talking about how Wonder Woman might not be as tricky as those with power keep saying she is, but it is more a matter of perspective.  For my generation we think of the DC animated Universe first.  All the time.  Every time.

But why does it have to be a Wonder Woman movie that we all keep talking about when they talk about a super hero movie with a female lead.  Wonder Woman isn’t my favorite, but she is the first female superhero to come to mind that is not defined by a man in some way, Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, Batgirl is Batman’s protégée, Black Canary is Green Arrow’s girlfriend/wife, Batwoman is weirdly connected yet not connected, Wasp is married to Antman, Star Sapphire(Carol Farris) is married to Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Rouge, and so many more, are students of Prof. X’s.  The list goes on and on like this.  I have so many mixed feeling on that part of the issue.  Most of my favorite superheroes are on this list.  For how oversaturated the market is with superheroes, we may have 5 prime time network shows featuring the superhero universe on television as soon as the spring, there isn’t a single one of them with a woman as the main character.  I can only think of one genera show on TV right now that is lead by a female lead on network prime time right now and that’s Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time.

So my point is I want a female superhero TV show or Movie, and sooner rather than later.  However selfishly I want all of the movies to be directed by men so I can be the first woman to direct a superhero movie for a large studio.



Baltimore Comic Con Pictures

At BCC I went as Powergirl and my brother went as Death Stroke.  Here are some of the awesome cosplayers we saw there.  All of the people we met there were super friendly and the floor was one of my favorites.  My only real criticism was that there weren’t enough panels and even more importantly they weren’t strategically placed panels.  It may not have been the best plan to put artist panels against artist panels, and comic book industry panels against other comic book industry panels.  But the atmosphere was awesome, and for me that can be even more important.  Nice people attending and running these shows is the number 1 thing for me.  Making friends and having a great time can make up for the lack of somethings that I want.


TeenTitans vs. Death Stroke.
These kids came out of no where to attack my brother. That was so perfect. Everyone was in character. You can see the smiles on the titans’ faces.


Even The Avengers eventually start to age


I did my best to take as many pictures with as many Supergirls as I could. It just made me happy.


Someone lost their Blossom, I hope she found her Trainer.


These are some great XMen but to be honest I’m not sure which XMen they are.


Darth’s costume lit up and flashed. So much joy.


Wonder Woman and Black Canary. I like that they took their costumes from the Bombshell Toy Line.


There are so many costumes where I stop for a second and think people are doing Xena and Gabby that I get so excited when it really is Xena and Gabby


Link, a staple at every Con


This Kid is the GREATEST cosplayer alive. He was so excited to be the Doctor and couldn’t be more into everything he saw. Awesome job Doctor.


His mustache was drawn on pretty well, it took a few seconds to realize it was just marker.


T I found some more Supergirls, and Lobo.


I have to find Static Shock at every Convention, it isn’t really a convention without him.


Since this was the convention where everyone was talking about Batwoman it’s good to know she was already there taking care of herself.


Tron! I think it’s super awesome when people’s costumes light up.


There were a whole bunch of different Wonder Women at BCC, and they all came with a different cool way to play her


Raven started yelling at Death Stroke across the lobby. It was a magical moment.


I love her utility belt.


My favorite of all the Supergirls I found that weekend

IMG_20130907_130037 IMG_20130907_132505 IMG_20130907_133903 IMG_20130907_134914 IMG_20130907_140115 IMG_20130907_140140 IMG_20130907_141322 IMG_20130907_143349 IMG_20130907_144018 IMG_20130907_144050 IMG_20130907_155054 IMG_20130907_155823 IMG_20130907_160004 IMG_20130907_160709 IMG_20130907_161513 IMG_20130907_161835 IMG_20130907_171720 IMG_20130908_102920 IMG_20130908_115903 IMG_20130908_120727 IMG_20130908_121234 IMG_20130908_123223

Now this last picture is my personal favorite.  See I did something dumb, I forgot to take a picture of me and my brother together.  He just started college too, so I can’t just bug him at home to take a picture with me.  I searched far and wide, and I found this.


tumblr_msv6w8aish1s8qyumo8_1280  So, thanks Tumblr.

Days 3 and 4

So here are the last couple of days of Comic Con.  I have to say for me the best part of all cons are the panels.  I can sit and listen to these talks for hours.  Even though they’re pretty much the same questions and answers over and over again.  I love hearing about the process that actors have taken to discover their characters.  Or listening to other cosplayers talk about how they make their costumes.  One great tip I heard was when you’re looking to making something with fun foam or any sort of thin foam one way to get a raised texture is to use puffy paint.


This is fun foam.  It comes in a sheet about the size of  a piece of paper.  Great for making gauntlets and other semi-sterdy light weight costume details.

This is fun foam. It comes in a sheet about the size of a piece of paper. Great for making gauntlets and other semi-sterdy light weight costume details.

Once it’s hard and you paint over it it’ll look all the same.  The New York Cosplay Network had a great panel where they shared a lot of tips and tricks they use to make their amazing costumes.

The New York Cosplay Network outside their booth

The New York Cosplay Network outside their booth.

I have not started to really go to enough panels at cons where I’ve started to take a preference in moderators.  They can really make or break a panel.  I find this is especially true when you don’t have a panelist that really knows how to handle the crowd, whether they are new to panels or there is a really really large crowd and it’s just hard to be a big enough personality to stop the truly annoying and rambling fans that are inevitably  going to ask a question.  There is one particularly awesome modirator that has been in Philly the last couple of years, Jarrett Crippen.


He won the second season of Who Wants to be a Super Hero?  He will cut a fan off (which I think is just wonderful), tell a funny story while you’re all sitting around waiting for the panelist to arrive, lets the panel go straight to the fans and their questions, and makes sure things end on time, which is good because other people need the room in about 10 minutes and I don’t want my next panel to start late so it’s good that we are all considerate of each other and their interests.

This year the convention’s focus was a little different than last years.  Last year is was celebrity packed.  They had all five Star Trek captains, and what a disaster that panel was.  People were so star struck they asked the worst questions that had nothing to do with Star Trek.  It has been a year and I’m still mad.  What an excellent opportunity that was squandered.  Thor was there and most of the questions were teenage and 20-something women asking him for a hug, which is pretty creepy when you think about it.  This year there were panels by scholars of the kind of pop culture I love.  Not all of them are great, some are ok, and some when I see them coming I want to pull my hair out and run.  But it is nice to have a different view point each year.  It keeps things fresh.

Here are some of the pictures I took from the second two days of comic con.

John Barrowman I love his super hero pajama pants.

John Barrowman I love his super hero pajama pants.

They had my favorite pose of the convention.

They had my favorite pose of the convention.

IMG_20130601_114548 IMG_20130601_114408 IMG_20130601_113243 IMG_20130601_111851 DSCF5218 DSCF5217 DSCF5216 DSCF5215 DSCF5214 DSCF5213 DSCF5212 DSCF5210



Emma Frost and Kitty Pride- the early years

Emma Frost and Kitty Pride- the early years

Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite

Gina Torres

Gina Torres

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Summer Glau

Summer Glau


In celebration of the SteamPunk World’s Fair

Here in New Jersey this weekend was the SteamPunk Worlds fair this weekend.  Although I didn’t go, my parents did.  And here are some different pictures from around the internet of people wearing steampunk super heros.  Because well, they are super cool and awesome.


534644_251965101572889_2135499321_n 5027696203_9d1ae89e83  finished_costume__steampunk_starfleet_officer__by_citizenkanev-d5ilxth-433x650 QOJ8o steampunk-gl-ww-e1367790884654 steampunk-superman-costume steampunkligtyear952012 tumblr_m7s90xg58t1qh0fapo1_1280 victorian-supergirl-e1367548730695

Geek Chic Home Decor

Nerd Fashion doesn’t have to end with what you put on your body.  So many people have nerded up their houses. It seems that the most popular room to do it in is a kid’s room or in a nursery.  It makes sense in a lot of ways because then as an adult you have it but you don’t have to see it all the time.  Or if someone comes to visit they don’t think, Wow this is intense.  I’m  a big fan of the TARDIS wall sticker and probably would put that somewhere in my apartment for people to see.  Or a Blue door to the outside would be a nice subtle way for a geek reference.


nurseryafter1 enhanced-buzz-20190-1352132397-12 Star-Wars-Geek-Room-Ideas Geek-Room-Ideas-and-the-Stuffs tumblr_lta5kdqVtb1r08ew4 steampunk-nursery br_nerdynurseries_starwars1 Legend-of-Zelda-Nursery SMB-Nursery enhanced-buzz-7524-1351113837-12 Geek-Room-Ideas Space-Geek-Room-Ideas portal-bedroom star wars room 1 starwars2-449x300 cockpit-bedroom 2013-5-8-mobile2_rect540 Justice-League-Nursery-Theme doctor-who-crib