Hot Topic

Hot Topic’s main game right now is pop culture.  Particularly nerdy pop culture.  There are sections of their stores devoted to super heroes and Doctor Who and anything else that gets nerds excited.  But walking into this store there is no love of the subject.  It leads to the fake nerd.  Nerds and geeks are trendy.  There is no two ways about it.  But loving the new Star Treks does not make you a nerd.  The JJ Abrams movies aren’t even make fore Star Trek fans, he’s wasn’t a Star Trek fan when he started making them.  They were awesome space story movies but after seeing them they left me missing Captains Cisco or Janeway.  I feel like having the clothes so easily accessible is awesome for nerds but when I see someone wearing something that says Police Box or is wearing a Star Wars shirt and I start nerding out to them and they give me a blank look I know it’s all over.  I do believe that everyone is a nerd, whether you are a nerd about fashion or football you are a nerd.  Fantasy sports are just Dungeon and Dragons for jocks.  But it’s like wearing a band’s teeshirt and not listening to the music.  There is something a little wrong about wearing, say a Dark Side of the Moon cover art shirt, without knowing or listening to Led Zeppelin.  I know here I am contradicting myself from a earlier post saying that one of the best parts about SteamPunk is that you don’t have to know everything about it to dress up as it.  However, I do feel as if this is different.  When I go SteamPunk I know what it is, when I wear a superhero costume I at least have a working knowledge of who they are.  But when you walk about to someone wearing a TARDIS shirt and ask if it’s bigger in the inside and they don’t know what that means, it might not be the right shirt for them.  There is nothing wrong with pop culture being nerd culture, but maybe before someone wears a Superboy shirt, they should know who Superboy is.


Hot-Topic-600x247603031_10151706414981979_754161574_n hottopic2new-business-hottopicThese are actually kind of cute

These are actually kind of cute


Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Lucas vs. Roddenberry.  The ultimate nerd battle. When I was about 3 years old the local television station would put on Star Trek Next Generation and then Seasame Street before my bed time.  When I was 6 I first saw the original Star Wars trilogy and had to keep watching for the next one because at the end of every movie, as my dad said, a secret would be reviled and I couldn’t wait to see what it was.  For the longest time I would pick Star Wars, the space battle, good vs. evil.  Everything is laid out in black and white.  Literally, Darth Vader wears black Luke wears white.  Their light sabers are opposite colors.  There isn’t a lot of grey area in Star Wars and as a kid that’s exactly what you’re looking for.


Star Trek lives in the grey.  Social issues are where they thrive.  It was an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise that made me really start to understand what rape and AIDS were.  I watched the episode Stigma when I was 12, so although we learned about it in school and I saw things about it in other places on the media or in the news but it was seeing in a context like that, that made it click.  After the episode I talked about what it all meant with my dad.  It was a relatively non-painful awkward way to have these lofty complicated topics brought up and then we could talk about them.  As a kid, it was still too heavy but as an adult I really appreciate it and the complexity of it.  Deep Space 9 was amazing at dealing with social issues, although my favorite episode will probably always the Magnificent Ferengi, but the episodes that take place partly in the 1950s where you don’t know if Deep Space 9 is real on in the head of the author.  I thing that it’s just so fascinating but until I was in my 20’s it was just too much and not really my thing.  That’s what’s missing from the new Star Trek movies for me.  But at the same time I can’t imagine a social issues J.J. Abrams movie.  As he has stated in the past this is Star Trek for the non-Trekkie.


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