The almighty Jayne Hat

There has been a lot of attention lately to the Jayne hat from the Firefly episode The Message.   FOX has recently sold a license to ThinkGeek, which means that everyone selling them has gotten a cease and desist letter.  It seems mostly crazy that it’s been over a decade since the show ended and they have done nothing.  The pattern is all over the internet and even without it, a crafter could figure it out all on their own, I know thats what I did.  But FOX doesn’t have any rights to the color patter Red-Orange-Yellow.  They also have no rights to hats with ear flaps and pompoms.  So with that I give you creative uses for the Jayne hat.



browncoats-jaynestown-mudders-logo-2012-dave-delisle-davesgeekyhockey1 hat-patch jayne hat sheep v1 _1_ 2823489353_9de35e7c12 jayne scarfJayne Hat Coffee Cozy tumblr_lax52pjITS1qahibso1_400 Doctor-Jayne-hat il_170x135.447184272_qcbd il_fullxfull.342197485 jayne-hat-bra-600x450 tumblr_ltc2fgergZ1r0wwgdo1_r1_500 7268309392_4af28e7e5e_z Firefly-tea-cozy amigurumi_firefly_jayne_hat_by_smapte-d34b57c jayne hat dress il_340x270.409154429_rsi6


At least ThinkGeek is donating the profits to charity.

Nerds and Crafting

From my experience nerds love to craft.  I sew, crochet, knit, bake and am a film maker by profession.  I also dance, play the sax and clarinet, and sing.  In the art world I’m like a pig in slop.  And I’m not the only one.  There is a reason there are blogs like Geek Crafts, Bored and Crafty, Pixelated Mushroom (even if she hasn’t posted in 3 months) and so many more.  I personally eat them up.

But what brings these two groups together?  So many nerds are crafter and crafters are nerds.  I think it has to do with both groups are smart and like to be constantly stimulated.  Imagination is the most important skill for a crafter who wants to create anything beyond exactly what a pattern calls for, even just the first question of what color to make a hat or what is the right picture to take when going out to work on their photography portfolios.

My mom is a cross stitcher, she calls it just paint by numbers but how excited she gets when she’s looking at all the different colors of floss or all the different patters and what to do with the finished product, there is a lot of imagination happening.

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 10.24.50 AM

I created this costume from clothes I already had in my wardrobe.

Nerds are the same way.  We watch our favorite show and our brains start turning about what way can we bring this into our lives.  I just watched the re-imagined Battlestar Glacatica last month for the first time and by the end of the third season I was already planning on making my own costumes of my favorite couple, Callie and the Chief.  We put stickers on our laptops and Starfleet Academy Alumni window clings on our cars.  That is awesome.

Imagination, that’s what the world really needs more of.  Don’t forget to use yours today.

Inspiration- Leg warmers

Not all nerd inspiration has to come from Comic Books and cosplay.  I like to take inspiration from

Black Swan

Natalie Portman in Black Swan rocking the leg warmers

I went to see it and fell in love with the the fashion.  It made me start taking ballet just so I had a reason to wear the clothes (it’s also good exercise but that’s besides the point).  But why be stuck only wearing leg warmers and boleros twice a week, why can’t I wear them whenever I want.  So I did.  And people have been stopping me ever since to tell me how much they like my leg warmers.  It’s pretty cool.  They aren’t that easy to find in stores, but if your craft I’ve been crocheting up pairs while watching tv and it works out to about a leg warmer a one hour show.  Try it out next time you feel like adding a little nerd to your every day wardrobe.