Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy WaWahoooo

When I was in college all film majors at my school were required to take a visual aesthetics class.  We talked a lot about fine art, architecture,  and fashion among other topics.  The professor was explaining that no one wears literal interpretations on their clothes.  All I could think of that was Ms. Frizzle.  I am aware that she isn’t real, but her dresses were always perfect.  Although how she always wore pumps while exploring the inside of Arnold’s digestive track or finding out how to get out of a jar while tiny is probably the most impressive part.  We also discusses that no one wears prints.  Yet again, The Frizz.  Those are some loud prints.  However, that discussion was almost 2 years ago so the prints thing has really changed.   I think I would like to dress like Ms. Frizzle.  Maybe not those exact dresses but something close.  I think it’s the collars, I can’t pull that off.

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