Geek Chic Rings

I have to say rings are pretty much my favorite piece of  Jewelry.  I like how small and understated they can be, and how gaudy and over the top they can be.  I like the idea of nerdy engagement rings and ones that show your nerd pride in a way that can’t really be seen unless you know what you’re looking for.


This is a custom made cylon engagement ring. Now that’s one way to bring nerd fashion to every outfit.

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What to Watch

In college, every year my friends and I over winter break when the rest of the school was gone would watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  We had to stay late because we were the pep band and games would go right til the day before Christmas.  So the buildings would be empty which meant of course movies so we couldn’t hear the creaks of the old building.  It was something that we looked forward to every year when everyone else would leave.  We would order pizza or chinese or whatever and sit and watch Lord of the Rings.  And of course we would all have to wear our pajamas to this event.  Blankets and pillows were a must.  Sometimes nerd fashion is just what you wear when you’re with other nerds.  Also it’s almost 18 hours of footage about a really pretty piece of jewelry.  Unknown