Cosplay- make or buy?

Both are good options.  If you make your costume you know it’ll fit you just right, if you buy your costume and done and you don’t have to spend hours putting it together.  I usually go somewhere in the middle.  I buy pieces for the costume and then modify them to my needs.  Now. your time constraints, time and money options make a huge difference for what you do.  For something like my dad’s green arrow costume I got him a pair of cheep black leggings from the junior’s department of a department store and then the right color green tee-shirt from a craft store.  I then modified the shirt to look more like Green Arrow’s, took the old sleeve’s from the shirt to make the gauntlets.  I made the hood out of old green fabric I had lying around.  It’s about being smart with your time, I find.  Sure, I can make a tee-shirt but when I can buy one already made for less than the materials cost me, I’m going to buy that shirt.  For Kid Flash the leggings were bought as it. The shirt was just a bright yellow running shirt so we added the symbol.  Then I found this great tutorial on Youtube that helped me figure out how to make the mask.  Most of my costumes come from scratch because I can’t find a non-cheesy option for the characters.  Sure I could buy the Dalek dress from Hot Topic or any number of places but they all looked cheap and I have this desire to look like I do know what I’m doing when all of my creations.

It all comes down to money vs. time.  I just started my Star Trek costume.  I made my coset out of Duct tape and a tee-shirt.  The whole project cost me 15 bucks.  I can’t afford a real corset, I wish I could but I can’t and I have the time to make one.  However my shoulder piece was a sweatshirt I found on the clearance rack and got for less than 3 bucks then cut it up.  There are so many great options and so many places in between making and buying, so why not use the best of both?

T-Shirt of the day

I am completely obsessed with the T-shirt of the day websites.  My favorites are RiptApparel, Tee Fury, and Shirt Punch  When I first open my computer in the morning it’s check my comic strips, check my email, then see what today’s batch of t-shirts are.  I’ve only ever bought 2 because I need it to be something that i think about all day and then get or else I would own more shirts than days in the month.  I still  have a problem with all the shirts my college gave out at events



I think it’s such a cool concept and I know that every time I get one of the shirts off of these sites the artist will get paid something and the companies aren’t giant multinational conglomerates.  The image above is now on one of my favorite zip-up hoodies that I wear all the time.

It’s cool that they cover all sorts of counter culture topics.  This one was a mash-up of two cartoons that I really enjoy, Powerpuff Girls and Super Best Friends Forever. (BTW they just added Powerpuff Girls to Netflix if anyone wants to watch it)  There are things that I get and things that I don’t and I think that makes it really cool.  My nerd cred is fully intact but when it’s wresting shirts there is just no way I’ll ever get that, however give me a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I get really excited.  I do have a job where I get to wear T-shirts almost all of the time and that does make these sites more appealing, I get to wear my cool shirts whenever I want as opposed to someone who has to wear suits.  But in the business casual world a cool skirt with an awesome t-shirt and a blazer is an awesome way to bring some nerdy style to the office.

Inspiration- Prints


Prints, after many years, are coming back.  Thank goodness.   I have always loved prints.  I used to have this amazing polkadot dress in 2007 that was not really fashionable but I wore it anyway.  It was navy blue with white dots.  It was cut into sections going down about every six inches the dots would change sizes.  I still miss that dress 5 years later.  As I sit in a coffee shop right now four people are wearing prints, an abstract watercolor inspired print, a pasily, a plad and I have on a cartoon skirt.

I can’t stand the slogan teeshirt, so many of them are something along the lines of look how smart I am, or look how good looking I am, which will only be worn by the dumbest and least attractive people.  Then again if an increadibly good looking genius wore them that would probably be worse.  But so long slogan tees and hello prints.   Not every print works on every person.  Andy Reid, when he was the coach of the Eagles, used to wear this shirt that was vertical strips and that was never a good look.  But that could be more of an Andy Reid problem then a stripes problem.  There are so many new and inventive ways to use prints that solids just aren’t fun enough to use.